Louisiana Fencing Contractor

Our Warranties

You can have peace of mind with warranties on your new fence or gate!

Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage

Jack Fencing is not responsible for any manufacturer product defects. This is covered under the Manufacturer Warranty. Jack Fencing can serve you by assisting with the claims process.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Jack Fencing takes great pride in our workmanship and guarantee that each fence is installed correctly and in accordance with industry and manufacturer specifications. Simply put, if Jack Fencing installed it incorrectly, we will warrant the repairs.

What's Not Covered:

It is important to understand that Jack Fencing is not responsible for owner/operator abuse, regular maintenance failures (Stain and Seal) and acts of God (Hurricanes, Tree Fall, etc.). Like everything else, each component of your fence needs to be regularly inspected and properly maintained, in order to ensure optimal performance. All warranties are void if work performed by the contractor is repaired or corrected by others.