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When you need a top fencing contractor in the Eunice Louisiana area, look no further than the team at Jack Fencing. With our commitment to quality, we're sure that you'll love your next Jack Fencing fencing, gate, or outdoor services project!

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Fence companies in the Eunice region are not hard to find, but you don't want to just work with any old company with a truck and a phone number. The reputation of the company you choose matters a great deal. That's why we are proud of the reputation we've built at Jack Fencing and the accreditations we have with groups like the American Fence Association and Mr.Fence Academy.

At Jack Fencing, we offer a wide range of fencing services for both residential and commercial properties. We offer vinyl fences, wood fences, ornamental steel fences, chain link fences, aluminum fences, and many more unique styles. But our team is so much more! We have highly-trained gate technicians and service providers who specialize in staining and tailoring your project to your needs.

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Exploring your options for fencing in the Eunice area? Check out our convenient fence estimator tool online. It's free and there is no obligation! Just plug in your information and requests and see how each style and type you're considering will work in your space.

Residential Or Commercial Fences, We Have What You Need

Whether you are a Eunice homeowner in need of a Residential Fence or if you own a business and need a Commercial Fence, we have many great choices for your unique situation.

See why our fences are so popular and why we are the top fencing contractor in the Eunice area.

Eunice Louisiana residential fencing contractor

Eunice Louisiana Benefits of Residential Fences

Provide beauty as well as enhanced security

Ornamental fencing is normally used around high value homes that need a bit of extra security. These fences are often made from aluminum, wrought iron, stone or brick because of those material's durability and eye catching beauty.

Keep your children and pets safe

Backyard fences can be made from almost anything, although vinyl, chain link, and wood seem to be the most prevalent. These fences are perfect for keeping your children safe while keeping unwanted visitors and animals out.

Block unwanted attention

Everyone likes to get away from time to time, but the close proximity of your neighbor's home may make that impossible. A solid privacy fence made from quality vinyl or lumber will protect your privacy, while increasing your home's value.

Provide a safe environment for your pool

Pools are extremely dangerous for young children so laws have been passed in most states to require pool fencing. You need a pool fence that you can see through, that provides a secure entry, and that can't be climbed on. There are height and installation requirements, as well. Aluminum, vinyl, and chain link are very popular choices for pool fencing, considering their open weave and secure design.

Mark the boundaries of your property

Picket fences and split rail fences are perfect for this role. They are an affordable option if you need to cover a lot of area, plus they look great in a residential setting. Many HOA's actually require this type of fence because of the aesthetic appeal.

Eunice Louisiana commercial fencing contractor

Eunice Louisiana Benefits of Commercial Fences

Commercial fencing uses some of the same types as residential but it has a different focus. Each type of residential fence is primarily focused on one job. You need a privacy fence to block line of sight or you need a pool fence to protect your backyard pool. When you install a fence for your business it has to fill multiple functions like:

Upgrading your security

A strong fence is a basic component of any security setup. Some companies may just need a chain link fence to make entry more difficult, but others can combine barbed wire and security cameras to create a more formidable barrier.

Keeping your liability to a minimum

Some companies have areas of the property that may be restricted or unsafe. A fence will clearly mark these areas so people will have an unmistakable warning of where they shouldn't go.

Give your clients or employees their privacy

Business people need their privacy for a variety of reasons. Take a divorce attorney for example. Their clients may not want anyone to know that they have been visiting an attorney's office and a wooden privacy fence can prevent that.

Attract business

Perception is very important in a commercial setting. No matter how strong or well designed your fence is, potential clients could be turned away if it looks ugly. A commercial fence needs to make you look like a professional, not a prison guard.

Protect Your Investment - Let Jack Fencing Install Your Fence!

Whether you choose to install an ornamental steel fence, aluminum fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, mixed material fence, or wood fence, Jack Fencing will build it right. Compared to other fence companies, we use better materials, dig posts deeper, build stronger gates with steel framing, and better serve our customers. We take fencing seriously and even provide financing for our clients. Our company will do what it takes to keep your Eunice Louisiana property safe and secure for the long haul.

aluminum fence Eunice Louisiana

Eunice Louisiana Aluminum Fence

For maximum safety and security, aluminum fences are at the top of the list. Your property in Eunice deserves to be protected, and our aluminum fences get the job done. Aluminum fences are a great investment due to their elegant look, strength, durability, and low maintenance qualities. Paired with a strong aluminum gate, your property will be protected, and your investment is covered under both workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

Aluminum Fence
vinyl fence Eunice Louisiana

Eunice Louisiana Vinyl Fence

Nobody builds a better vinyl fence in Eunice Louisiana than Jack Fencing! We use high-quality vinyl without any visible hardware for a clean look. Little to no maintenance is required to keep your vinyl fence looking new and standing strong. You could opt for the popular picket-style vinyl fence or one that provides a privacy wall. Whatever color you choose will remain bright and maintenance-free for the life of your vinyl fence.

Vinyl Fence
chain link fence Eunice Louisiana

Eunice Louisiana Chain Link Fence

If your priority is to have a strong, durable property barrier without the frills, a standard chain link fence may do the trick. We install chain link fences around the state of Louisiana to provide protection and security. With various gauges, heights, and wire mesh options, you can build a reliable chain link fence to meet your needs. Our experts at Jack Fencing can install black PVC-coated chain link fences for added durability, a softer feel, and a more stylish look.

Chain Link Fence
wood fence Eunice Louisiana

Eunice Louisiana Wood Fence

At Jack Fencing, our wood fences hold up longer than others in the industry. PostMaster steel posts fortify our wood fences and gates, and we utilize high-quality hardware that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Our wood fences are built to stand strong and sturdy, and our posts stand strong in high winds. We quality cedar wood and pressure-treated pine. We'll build your fence to last, so trust us with your next Eunice wood fence project!

Wood Fence
ornamental fence Eunice Louisiana

Eunice Louisiana Ornamental Steel Fence

Like aluminum fencing, ornamental steel fences provide maximum safety and security. It's the best type of fence that money can buy and will last a lifetime. Ornamental steel fences raise the standard because of the customizable features. You can add an automatic gate or secure access entry or use decorative finials to create a welcoming entrance. Ornamental steel fences can maintain visibility on your property with a stately picket design, providing a lifetime of elegance and strength.

Ornamental Steel Fence
mixed material fence Eunice Louisiana

Eunice Louisiana Mixed Material Fence

Mixed material fencing blends various materials, like wood, metal, or vinyl, to create a unique and visually appealing barrier. This versatile fencing option offers a combination of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Whether it's the rustic charm of wood paired with the strength of metal or the low maintenance of vinyl complemented by the sleekness of aluminum, mixed material fencing provides an opportunity to customize your fence to suit your specific needs while enhancing the aesthetics of your property.

Mixed Material Fence

We're Here to Help!

Do you have questions as you explore your fence options? We are here for Eunice property owners with our team of experienced fence pros. Let us get you the answers you need!

Wood Fences in Eunice Louisiana

Wood fences are a great option for Eunice, LA residents because of the tremendous number of custom styles and colors you can achieve with wood fencing materials. Below, we are providing a partial list of the most popular fence styles chosen by your friends and neighbors across the greater Eunice area.

Eunice LA Shadowbox style wood fence

Eunice Louisiana Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Eunice is the shadowbox style.

Eunice LA stockade style wood fence

Eunice Louisiana Stockade Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Eunice is the stockade style.

Eunice LA cap and trim style wood fence

Eunice Louisiana Cap & Trim Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Eunice is the Cap & Trim style.

Eunice LA horizontal style wood fence

Eunice Louisiana Horizontal Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Eunice is the Horizontal style.

Fence Installation Options
in Eunice, Louisiana

We have great installation options for all situations in Eunice, Louisiana. Select which one is right for you.

Eunice Louisiana DIY Fence Installation

Eunice LouisianaProfessional Fence Installation

We can handle the whole thing! If you would like our team of fencing experts to install a fence at your Eunice property, no problem, we have installed both residential fences and commercial fences in Eunice.

Eunice LouisianaDIY Fence Installation

If you would prefer to install your own fence at your Eunice property, no problem! We have helped many DIY'ers plan their own Eunice fencing projects.

Even if you plan on installing your new fence yourself, we can help you measure and plan your fencing project. We can deliver the fence to your Eunice location. We can even give you some expert tips on how to make sure your fence is installed properly and will last you a long time.

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Exploring your options for fencing in the Eunice area? Check out our convenient fence estimator tool online. It's free and there is no obligation! Just plug in your information and requests and see how each style and type you're considering will work in your space.

Fencing Done Right With the Pros at Jack Fencing

At Jack Fencing, our customers in the Louisiana region trust us to deliver reliable security and privacy fencing. Our expertise includes the installation of fences and gate systems, ensuring your security needs are met. Rest assured, when you work with the pros at Jack Fencing, we will be committed to keeping your home and business secure, as shown by our commitment to innovation and excellence with our involvement in the American Fence Association and Mr. Fence Academy.

We are your trusted Eunice Louisiana fencing company.

We understand the importance of our reputation, which is why we only utilize materials known for their strength and integrity. We know that your fence is an investment, so we take pride in our work, earning our reputation for high-quality service and products across the entire region. Check out our products, read our reviews, and reach out today to speak with our friendly, expert fence team to get your questions answered and your fence project started!

The Jack Fencing Difference in Eunice Louisiana Fence Installations

Buying a Fence in Eunice Louisiana Made Simple

Our Easy Process

Making the fence-buying process effortless! Our years of experience in serving the Eunice region have allowed us to streamline every process and guarantee your satisfaction. Begin by browsing our extensive selection and contacting our knowledgeable fence experts for personalized assistance.

Buying a fence in Eunice Louisiana step 1: Design Your Fence Online
Measure Your Area

Getting a precise estimate of the size of the property is the first step in installing a fence. To begin determining the area that has to be fenced in, utilize our online fence estimation tool.

Buying a fence in Eunice Louisiana step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert
Design Your Fence

Depending on the kind of fence and the material used, using fencing has different benefits and levels of simplicity. Sort through the various fence options to select your favorite! For more inspiration, browse our photo gallery!

Buying a fence in Eunice Louisiana step 3: Installation
Installing Your Fence

To arrange for your fence to be delivered and installed, get in touch with our helpful fence staff in the <#thisTown#/cfoutput> area! We will accommodate your schedule and provide you with updates at every turn.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

When you have fence questions, our team of experts is glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect today!

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Eunice Fence FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions about fences in Eunice Louisiana.

Jack Fencing has been installing fences in Eunice Louisiana since 2020. Almost immediately, we established ourselves as one of the top fence companies in the Eunice area - through our dedication and commitment to quality workmanship and customer service.

Yes. We are a 100% fully licensed and insured fencing company operating in the entire region surrounding Eunice Louisiana. Unfortunately, there are several local companies selling fencing and fence installation services in Eunice that are not licensed or insured.

Be careful not to choose one of these companies! Their lack of professionalism is already apparent before they dig their first hole!

Yes. We provide a workmanship warranty on all the fences we install in Eunice Louisiana. This protects you against improper installation. Each of the different fence types have their own manufacturer's warranty that may also apply. Talk to us about the specifics of your fence warranty once you have selected the style and type of fencing you wish to have installed.

Eunice residents actually use all types of fences for their homes and businesses. Generally speaking, wood fences seem to be the favorite in Eunice, especially for residential fences.

The best fence is the one which meets your needs the best. Our Eunice fence experts will happily come to your home or business to help you plan your project and to give you a free estimate and expert consultation.

We only sell and install fences made from high quality materials. Each of our fences handle the Eunice Louisiana weather just fine.

Believe it or not, there may be specific issues that your property has that would make one type of fence a better option than others. One of our fence experts will need to inspect your property to give you our expert advice.

Our Expert Team is Ready to Assist You!

When you have fence questions, our team of experts is glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect today!